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Your data is very important to us.
We understand the value that is attached to information. Whether your data includes databases or family photos, the choice is clear. Protection. Sure you could buy an external hard disk or flash drive to backup your data, but do you remember the last time that you backed up that data or where you left your flash disk?

We provide a fast and secure way to manage your backup solution without the hassle of having to do it yourself or having something else you physically have to keep track of. Partnered with one of the best backup providers, we can provide you the best managed on-line backup solution at an affordable price. Your data is available anywhere you need it and it’s completely secure. We use a 128-bit SSL connection to transffer your data. Then your data is encrypted with your choice of AES or Blowfish protection to prevent data theft.

Our backup solution even works for businesses as well. Your backup can include your database, Exchange & network drive! Most other backup solutions do not support this functionality or charge an additional cost to add it as a feature. Using Heron as a backup solution eliminates the need for your IT to spend countless hours fixing a backup that is dependant on a single individual who might not even know how to check if your data is even being protected by your tape or media backups.

Eliminate the waste ofspace.
The need for CDs and DVDs has passed. We can help you manage and maintain a secure backup. Retrieving data is as easy as the backup. You can use the same client we provided upon the start of service to retrieve your documents or you can order DVDs (at additional cost). If you want to manage your data online instead, you can use our online Dashboard. Here you can look at reports and the status of your account. If you have more than one computer being protected by our backup, you will be able to see their status here as well.